With a passion for unique games, we help indie developers bring their magic to the market.

Publishing a game should not be hard and should allow you to get your game in front of a large audience. The market is competitive but Ukuza allows you to do what you do best: develop games. We take the complicated publishing process out of the equation, help studios drive business strategy, craft a marketing plan to bring your game to market with data-driven insights, and cover tasks like localization and QA.

We are here to support our studio partners in creating standout games.

Publishing for creatives

Ukuza has brought multiple titles to market and understands the needs studios have in order to stay competitive in the market. We keep the process extremely simple and are vested as partners in the success of the game. As creators ourselves, we know what we'd want from a publisher and provide the same to our partner studios.

Funding and crowdfunding
Roadmap planning and production
Publishing to PC and console platforms
Quality assurance and localization support
First-party submission and approval
Marketing and post-launch support

Understanding what path to take when launching an indie game is key. Ukuza helps create that plan and drive strategic business partnerships.


As an indie publisher we work with our partners to bring our games to market with high-visibility on various platforms.


From building a community to events like GDC or PAX, we are there to help bring visibility to our games and get amazing titles in the hands of players.

Our games

We look for games that have fantastic stories, creative characters, and memorable gameplay as part of our publishing label. We release games across PC and console.

Ready to publish a game?