With a passion for unique games, we work with indie studios, AAA publishers, and brands to bring games to market.

Launched in 2016, Ukuza was driven to publish games that focused on IP with the potential to stretch across different media. Memorable characters and fun gameplay are at the core of what we strive to do. We bring cross media stories to life that have the potential to stretch across gaming, music, TV, film, and more.

You build the game.
We'll handle the rest.

Ukuza has brought multiple titles to market and understands the needs of the players and studios alike. We know how much work goes into building a game and we want to allow you to focus on what you do best, building amazing games. We support our studio partners through:

Community management
Platform Submission and storefront management
Game discovery & marketing
QA testing
Strategy & Planning

Our team works from early pre-production through post-launch support. We work closely to craft a development roadmap and strategy to ensure development milestones and launch is successful.

Marketing & PR

Our talented team of marketers, artists, editors, and publicists work to ensure players discover your game. With the amount of titles releasing every day, we give you leverage to be found.

Platform submission & storefront management

Working with various storefronts and 1st party publishers for consoles requires consistent updates, tracking, and submissions. We've worked extensively with storefronts and consoles to grow a community base from their platform.

Our games

Ukuza has developed and published games with creative characters and memorable gameplay for PC and console.

Ready to pitch your game?