Sneak and Escape a Hostile Robot World In ‘Monobot’ From Ukuza

Today, game publisher and developer, Ukuza, announced their new puzzle platformer game ‘Monobot,’ after the release of their previous title, Skelattack, with Konami. Monobot represents a partnership between Ukuza and independent development studio, DreamSmith Studio.

Monobot is a 2D physics-based puzzle-platformer placed in an isolated distant future. Disrupted from stasis a robot named Mono comes online to find the world decaying and hostile. Mono must journey this desolate world and overcome numerous obstacles to uncover the buried secrets of what happened to humanity.

From the start, Mono is poorly equipped to handle even the simplest of tasks like jumping. Exploration uncovers a workaround for this confine by way of enhancements—a magnetic arm and teleportation arm. With a charge of your magnetic arm, you can zip towards any magnetized surface and remain undetected by enemies below. Be careful though, your arm only has enough charge to hang for so long. Likewise, with your teleportation arm, you can swap places instantaneously with interactive objects near you to avoid near misses with enemies or advance to higher platforms. Dodging and sneaking is key to progression as you cannot fight the enemies. Once spotted, it’s over. With these new upgrades at hand, mixing and matching which arm to use will assist in traversal, puzzle-solving, and being detected by weaponized sentries out on the hunt.

Ukuza and DreamSmith Studio look to bring an immersive story to market for players. Inspired by games like Limbo, Inside, and Oddworld, and films like Wall-E, Monobot represents our continued strive for narrative-driven games. Built in Unity Game Engine, DreamSmith Studio created a world and character that is both beautiful by its concise art style and harrowing by its lonely atmosphere.

“We are about stories and characters. The connection you build with Mono is impressive seeing how the player is limited to only a few eye expressions. His personality and fear make you feel for him and his situation. You want to see him to safety,” says Drew Crockett, Director of Content at Ukuza.

“Several years ago, I conjured up the idea of a grand sci-fi story universe. To realize this idea, I changed my career and started working as a game programmer to learn how to develop games. Working with a renowned and experienced indie game publisher like Ukuza is important to us as we had little marketing knowledge, and Ukuza would fill in this missing piece. Together we aim to achieve a win-win,” says Robert Jiang founder of DreamSmith Studio.

Monobot is launching on Steam in June 2021.

Wishlist & demo now available on Steam!