Maingear: Promoting Another Geek Brand From New Jersey at PAX East 2018

We decided to approach Maingear after using what we'll call a "standard issue" PC setup at PAX South 2018. This time around, we wanted to stun attendees and exhibitors alike with some of the most powerful and visually impressive gaming PCs on the market, something that would match the bombastic booth setup we were building for our time in Boston. Our team spoke with Maingear CEO Wallace Santos and Marketing Director Ron Reed about having their machines at our booth for PAX East 2018, and this soon blossomed into a full-blown cross-promotional opportunity for both of our Garden State-based companies.

Over the course of four full days, we presented our games Skelattack and Epic Loon on two kinds of Maingear computers: Their brand new F131, and the more compact but intensely powerful Razer R2. Both models sport unparalleled performance, along with intensely vibrant and sleek appearances.

Maingear's Razer R2, the envy of many a PC Geek at PAX East 2018

Beyond lending Ukuza its ultra-powerful PCs, Maingear also gave us a ton of swag to co-mingle with our own at our merch table. Attendees, press, influencers and fellow exhibitors came to our booth the entire long weekend to play our games, admire Maingear's PCs, and partake in our goodies. We even held giveaways that gave us the opportunity to properly pitch our titles and Maingear's race car-inspired PCs. At the same time, Maingear was actively featuring us on their Twitter and Instagram pages, opening their audience to Ukuza and its titles for the very first time.

Our social media team also took some gorgeous shots of the two different models of Maingear PC on display at our booth, sharing their splendor and power with those who couldn't make it to Boston.

The combination of our brands earned several blog and vlog features, including a picture article written and presented by Tom's Hardware during PAX East. As a result, Ukuza's official social channels saw a spike in growth and engagement. The cross-promotion went extremely well, and through true rapport and relationship building, both of our brands received praise and attention during PAX East 2018. Ukuza is about building real connections with its network, ensuring indefinite opportunities to collaborate and promote each other.