Who we are
Our combined history of working in tech and games drives an agency devoted to crafting inspirational and professional brand experiences.

Shane deLumeau


Shane is an experienced creative director and leader having designed various award-winning digital experiences and media content for Fortune 100 brands. He started off his career in the film & VFX industry in New York working for clients such as HBO, MTV, and Frito-Lay across editing, visual effects, and graphic design.

Shane moved into user experience design and helped craft award-winning experiences with McCANN Worldgroup for Microsoft, US Army, Nikon, Cigna, and others. Coming from agency life, Shane transitioned to lead user experience design for Amazon. Shane is also an entrepreneur helping to launch mobile ordering & payment start-up Noble.

Doug Borghese

Associate Creative Director

Doug is a seasoned writer and content creator, having worked for individual clients and businesses since 2002. He has crafted creative content for esteemed companies such as Tom's Hardware and GameRevolution. He's also spearheaded dozens of freelance content marketing campaigns, created PR and marketing strategies for small and mid-sized companies, and designed business profiles across many industries.

His creative intuition and passion for storytelling has been put to work for several video game developers, including co-writer responsibilities for Ukuza's flagship title, Skelattack.

David Stanley

Technical Director

Dave has a hybrid background in 2D rigging & character animation, graphic design, illustration, programming, game design and level creation. He has worked on various media campaigns including social media content for ArcadeCloud and XboxAddictionz on Youtube, which have garnered millions of views. Dave has designed mobile apps with Dead Cool Apps that have been featured by Apple 18 times as of this writing (and generated millions of downloads through hundreds of countries).

Dave is currently directing the development of our internal title, Skelattack, and has gotten the attention of players, major publications and publishers alike.

Jason Gertner


Jason is a programmer/designer with backgrounds in both computer science and game programming. Jason has a passion for games with unique mechanics and has used that as an inspiration in his career. He has developed mobile games such as Cloud Bashers and Burning Wood, and has worked on multiple games with MassDiGI. He hails from Becker College and partners with fellow students to continue driving their portfolio of games forward. Jason also hosts  game tournaments for the games he develops, such as Floaty Fighters. This community engagement has proven instrumental in helping to improve his design, mechanic implementation, and overall game development abilities.

Jason is currently a programmer/designer on Skelattack. He works heavily with boss development, implementation of new features, and QA of all parts of the game.

Loïc Lebas

Concept Artist

Endowed with a technical eye in art, Loïc exhibits a penchant for concept art that continues to evolve over the course of his career. Hailing from Switzerland having attended Ceruleum for Illustration and Game Art at EPAC, Loïc devotes himself to drawing, sculpture, and painting, whether traditional or digital. His work, which is particularly oriented towards concept art, adapts perfectly to the diversity of work coming through Ukuza such as gaming, storyboarding, illustration, and video.

Loïc is currently working on character and environment concept art for an undisclosed Ukuza IP.

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