Who we are
Our combined history of working in games, marketing, and tech drives a game studio and indie game publisher devoted to bringing high-caliber games to market.

Shane deLumeau


Shane is an experienced creative director and leader having designed various award-winning digital experiences and media content for Fortune 100 brands. He started off his career in the film & VFX industry in New York City working for clients such as HBO, MTV, and Frito-Lay across 3D, editing, visual effects, and digital design.

Shane moved into product design and helped craft award-winning experiences with McCann Worldgroup for Microsoft, US Army, Nikon, Cigna, and others. Coming from agency life, Shane transitioned to lead product design for Amazon. Shane has also launched various successful businesses and is the current Head of Product Design at Activision Blizzard Media.

Joel Groff


Joel has worked with level design, game mechanics, back-end development, and user interface programming on games for the past six years. His true strength is in organizing and leading game teams throughout the entire development process. He designed, programmed, and led the project management for Crystals and Curses, a puzzle game featured in PAX Rising at PAX South. Joel's work with Leapdoctor Games has resulted in an overall five-star review on the iOS store. In 2018 Joel began building a new studio, Foxhall Games, from the ground up. He manages a growing team of talented developers creating titles slated for Playstation, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch.

Joel's passion for games and programming abilities are currently being channeled into Ukuza's title Skelattack.

Doug Borghese

Head of Content

Doug is a seasoned writer and content creator, having worked for individual clients and businesses since 2002. Doug is currently Content Producer with Unity Technologies. He has crafted creative content for esteemed companies such as Unity, Tom's Hardware and GameRevolution. He's also spearheaded dozens of freelance content marketing campaigns, created PR and marketing strategies for small and mid-sized companies, and designed business profiles across many industries.

His creative intuition and passion for storytelling has been put to work for several video game developers, including co-writer responsibilities for Ukuza's flagship title, Skelattack.

David Stanley

Art Director

Dave has a hybrid background in 2D rigging & character animation, graphic design, illustration, programming, game design and level creation. He has worked on various media campaigns including social media content for ArcadeCloud and XboxAddictionz on Youtube, which have garnered millions of views. Dave has designed mobile apps with Dead Cool Apps that have been featured by Apple 18 times as of this writing (and generated millions of downloads through hundreds of countries).

Dave is currently leading art on the development of our internal title, Skelattack, and has gotten the attention of players, major publications and publishers alike.

Tripp Durden

Community Manager

Tripp Durden is a creative writer and social media manager. He first got his start in games as a member of the team behind Crystals and Curses, a puzzle game that was featured in PAX Rising at PAX South 2018. During his time at Leap Doctor Games, Tripp was given the role of Head of Marketing and Social Media while also writing content for the game. After finishing that project, he would go on to manage social media accounts for several businesses while writing for various projects.

In mid-2019, Tripp came together with several other friends to help launch an independent game studio known as Foxhall Games. The studio began working on their first title and received interest from publishers soon after.

Over the last year, the majority of Tripp’s creative energy has gone towards working with Ukuza on Skelattack where he serves as a co-writer and content creator.

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