Ukuza Expands to Become Gaming and Tech Creative Agency

After two years of working within the game publishing space, Ukuza has decided to expand upon our previous vision of developing and publishing incredible indie titles. Starting immediately, Ukuza will be expanding its capabilities to become a complete design and marketing agency for amazing gaming and technology brands.

As 2018 comes to a close, we're evolving from just game publishing and development because we can see the opportunities for innovation and improvement in the tech and gaming space. With a roster of incredibly talented people and an insatiable desire to bring engaging experiences to customers worldwide, our team has begun growing and partnering with brands to bring those experiences to life.

Shane DeLumeau, CEO of Ukuza, has a history rich with experience in entrepreneurship, design strategy, animation, 3D modeling and user experience design. He has led creative and experience design campaigns for organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, and the US Army, and has helped build startups like Noble and Tapshare from conceptualization to launch. Associate Creative Director Doug Borghese has experience as a journalist for brands like GameRevolution and Tom's Hardware, as well as a history in copywriting for Ukuza and its associated titles, namely 2D platformer Skelattack and couch co-op puzzler Epic Loon. He has also worked as a freelance copywriter, content creator, and digital marketer for many tech, gaming, social network and influencer brands. It simply made sense for the industry veterans to open the doors wide on Ukuza's core mission and vision, while remaining true to their values of building meaningful connections between businesses and their audiences.

When asked why Ukuza would flourish as a tech and gaming creative agency, here's what CEO Shane DeLumeau had to say:

Ukuza has been providing design strategy, experience design, brand identity, and development to game studios for years with foundational experience working with Fortune 100 brands like Microsoft, Amazon, and Unity.  Publishing limits Ukuza to providing these services to only our published titles. With our new business model, we are able to provide the same capabilities to larger gaming and tech brands while still offering our services to smaller studios and businesses.

When the same question was posed to Associate Creative Director Doug Borghese, he stated:

Shane, David and the rest of our team are endlessly hungry and passionate for creating unforgettable experiences. We've made a living of it in a splintered way for many years, and we've just come to realize it makes total sense to pool our talents under one roof and offer our know-how as a full-spectrum agency rather than a bit from column A and a bit from column B. We're ready to offer true innovation and the crafting of creative campaigns for tech and gaming companies the world over.

Expect more news and exciting updates in the coming weeks as Ukuza begins to roll out our plan for impacting tech and gaming brands.

Media Contact:

Doug Borghese

Associate Creative Director, Ukuza