Skelattack Update #6
June 3, 2019

Hello, dungeon crew!

Welcome to the latest Skelattack update! If you don't follow us on Twitter or aren't part of our Skelattack Discord, be sure to follow-us as we've had many updates happening on the game. We have held a few Developers Den streams on Mixer showcasing lots of new items for the game!

Our team has been hard at work adding more to the game. Just this past month, we released our brand new demo that includes updated art assets, enhanced character controls, enemy knight parry system, and a lot more. That demo was released on, Gamejolt, and IndieDB. We just recently also released the demo on Steam so you can enjoy the demo right alongside your collection of other games. So be sure to download the demo from the Steam store page!

If you haven't played the new demo yet, bosses have gotten more difficult. Multistage boss battles have been implemented. You now have to switch up ways to defeat the bosses with new attacks at various stages of the fight. Bosses also now have the ability to block your magic of respawning at a blue torch. You have limited respawns during the boss fights when your immortality torches are blocked. If you die too many times, you are sent to see the Shepherd of the Damned where you can choose to jump back in the fight at a spawn point before the boss or quit the game and jump back out to the dungeon hub.

Knights no longer just take your hits. We've implemented a parry system where they will block your attacks and will attack after. The knights have upped their game! Acid pools are now scattered throughout the dungeon that will singe your bones!

Another exciting thing we've been working on are two new levels: The Crypt and the Lava Forge where things heat up! These will add two brand new bosses to the game that will include new attacks and challenges. The Crypt is the underground area where the dead are stored. It sounds like a party when they are your undead neighbor! The Lava Forge will test your platforming skills as you avoid burning up in the molten earth.

On the business end, our team has been in discussions for partnerships that will expand the reach of our reverse dungeon crawler. This will include new markets, larger marketing, and more. Stay tuned!

We are working hard to add many exciting things to the game. Where we started with Skelattack versus where we are now are completely different. The gameplay mechanics, the story, the characters, and the levels have all been expanding. We can't wait to show you more of the new areas and some of the reworked assets we've been designing.

So download the new demo on Steam, follow us on Twitter and Discord, and stay up-to-date on the latest Skelattack happenings!