New Skelattack Demo Released
May 3, 2019

Armies of the undead, we call to you for unrelenting fanfare and spoopy fun! Today, we are releasing a BRAND NEW updated demo for Skelattack!

Expect a different experience as you run Skully and his faithful bat companion Imber through the sewers in the dungeon! On your mission to keep humans out of your underground home and away from its treasures and secrets, you’ll notice we’ve added moving platforms, enhanced NPC interactions, updated our environments, added a new area, added new characters, added more complex boss fights…the addition goes on and on, but math is for nerds, so let’s play Skelattack!

We can’t wait for you to try this newest version of our game, as it is most likely what you can expect to be the final version of the sewers that will be part of our eventual launch! We welcome any and all feedback and exclamations of glee, and encourage you to take charge and defend your dungeon!

Download the demo at!