With a passion for unique games, we work with AAA publishers to bring games to market.

Launched in 2016, Ukuza was driven to create games that focused on IP with the potential to stretch across different media. Memorable characters and fun gameplay are at the core of what we strive to do. We bring cross media stories to life that have the potential to stretch across gaming, music, TV, film, and more.

Building through innovation and next-gen technology

Ukuza has brought multiple titles to market and understands the needs of the players. Our studio has built games varying from 2D platformers to 3D cinematic narratives and utilizes the latest tools for build engaging worlds.

Next-gen game engines such as Unreal and Unity
Photogrammetry asset workflows
Facial and full body motion capture
Quality assurance and localization support
First-party submission and approval
Strategy & Planning

Our team works from early pre-production through post-launch support. We work closely with AAA publishers to ensure development milestones are realized.


Our team is composed of a talent group of artists, animators, designers, writers, sound artists, and developers. Ukuza is fully equipped for in-house production.

Community Building

From building a community to events like GDC or PAX, we are there to bring visibility to our games and get amazing titles in the hands of players.

Our games

Our game studio has developed and published games with creative characters and memorable gameplay for PC and console.

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